Island Grove Wine Co.

What: The Royal Wine Limited - Island Grove Wine Co.

When: Apr 26 & Apr 27

Times: 5:15 pm

Departs: Tavares Union Station

Price: $49.97 (adults only)

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Must be 21 years of age to participate! Here at Island Grove, we specialize in fine blueberry wines using the freshest blueberries from our own Florida plantations. Along the way, we began making different wines and now several years later, we have a whole portfolio of fun, fresh and exciting wines.

Our family of wine consists of a few categories. We specialize in wine that is made from fruit - preferably our loved blueberry, as we have been growing them for over 30 years now. Our Signature Berry Wines, our Fruit & Grape Blends, and our 100% Fruit Wines make up our list - ranging from dry & sophisticated to sweet & flirty.

Island Grove Wine Company is a division of Island Grove Ag Products (IGAP), a major supplier of fresh organic and conventional blueberries harvested throughout Florida. Producing approximately 2 million pounds of fresh fruit per year, we were looking for an innovative way to use our quality berries that were not sold to the fresh market. In 2010, the Island Grove Wine Company was born, where we could use our fresh fruit to create exceptional fruit wine. Along with our skilled winemaker, Chase Marden, the team at Island Grove has grown the winery since then, with over 16 different wine offerings and more to come.

Our main location is in the tiny town of beautiful Island Grove, in North Central Florida amidst the large oak trees and quiet country roads. Our newest location is just a few miles from Disney in Kissimmee, Florida, where every day is a celebration.

We are proud of our healthy, antioxidant-rich berries and the wonderful wines that we have created. We offer a full selection of sweet and dry, 100% fruit and fruit-infused grape wines that we hope you enjoy.



$49.97 per person
Taxes and fees not included

Our Kinda Dry Blueberry wine is a medium-bodied, fruit forward wine of dark purple hue and generous mouthfeel. Rich aromas of blueberries, dark red fruit and spice are followed by flavors of black cherries and blueberry jam that bring to mind a fine Merlot. This 100% blueberry wine is fermented on its healthy skins for up to 30 days in controlled batches to extract the unique tannin structure of blueberries. It is an excellent complement to any meal, and is especially delicious paired with grilled steaks and chops. Best served at room temperature.

Sweet and exotic with its distinctive honeysuckle nose paired with fragrant blueberry aromas taken straight from our Island Grove blueberry plantations, our Blueberry Moscato is a perfect blend of 90% California Muscat Grape wine and 10% of our Sorta Sweet Blueberry wine. This wine is a perfect poolside sipper and is guaranteed to liven up any occasion. Best served chilled.

Our Black & Blue wine offers the smooth taste of two flavorful fruits. This semi-dry, heavy bodied wine, is a mix of 85% blackberries and 15% blueberries, a match made in heaven for those that enjoy a dry, fruit forward wine.

Your senses will come alive with the fragrant aromas of pineapple, peaches, and mangos. This fresh fruit blend offers you a light - bodied, sweet, fruit - forward experience that is pleasing to the novice sipper. Best served chilled.

Full fruits and sweet blueberries will take you mentally to a tropical island, as you casually sip this light - bodied, semi - sweet, blend of fruity deliciousness.